Elemental Thermal Flasks are in!

So I am so excited to bring you guys the 911cooled Thermal Flasks! These 25oz thermal flasks are so awesome!

Now between my wife, my son and I, we have a ton of these flasks and we typically use all of them but many times taking out the big 48oz containers is too heavy for leaving the house for a few hours. 

What I like about these Elemental Flasks is that they hold their cold temperatures well, the straw is amazingly convenient and 25oz is the perfect weight that doesn't hurt your arm after a few hours. In addition, the Elemental bottles are rated a 5/5 on Amazon (click here for link).

The 911cooled logo is large and takes up a large portion of the front side of the flask. The laser etches out the paint on the flasks so it gives you a nice texture and 3d effect. The backside is laser etched with either a 993 or 964 cut. 

I hope you guys enjoy this product as much as my family and I do. 


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