993 Turbo S “Legend” Poster Collab with Andrew Mytro

993 Turbo S “Legend” Poster Collab with Andrew Mytro

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The last of the aircooled 911s, the 993 has always carried its weight in gold. The 993 has pretty much been a long time favorite in the history of aircooled Porsches. However in the niche of 993s, came one of the most rarest of them all. 

The Turbo S was created in a very limited production, with a total of 183 being produced. Now this rare bird demands prices over $400,000!

What a lovely tribute to a very special car during a special era. 

A total of 75 prints will be produced. They will NOT be individually numbered, but will be labeled as 1 of 75. The poster is printed on the finest matte enhanced paper that we could find. It has a velvety texture that we know you will love!

Dimensions: 18" x 24"